• Nick

Launch Day!

After fifteen months on the festival circuit, we're releasing the film on itunes today!

The Organizer premiered at the New Orleans Film Festival in October 2017, quickly followed by the Woodstock film festival, where we won the audience award for Best Documentary. Since then the film has screened at two dozen film festivals across North America and Europe and has won a further four awards for Best Documentary or Best Film.

As well as its festival run, The Organizer has screened at dozens of universities, union halls and other non-theatrical venues and the response has been wonderful. We also recently had a one-week theatrical engagement at the Zeitgeist Arts Center in New Orleans. Wade has additionally been using the film as an organizing tool on his exhaustive travels around the globe where he continues to help build grassroots community organizations and networks that fight for justice and fairness in a rapidly changing world. We have created subtitles in French, German, Greek and Spanish and at last estimate the film has screened over 50 times in these informal settings, in front of over 1500 people from Alaska to New Zealand and beyond. As we write this Wade is currently travelling in Germany, Albania and Bulgaria on another tour and the response to the film has been inspiring. 

Several months ago we signed a distribution deal with a fantastic company called Grasshopper Film to release the film digitally in North America and to help us continue our non-theatrical screening campaign. We're thrilled that the film will finally be available in living rooms, laptops and tablets in the USA and Canada.

We have one more theatrical screening booked in New York at the famed Maysles Documentary Center in Harlem on March 30th and we are, of course, still open to more public screenings (please get in touch!)

Here is the link for the itunes release.